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In several newpapers we can read the following headlines: "People rally around joint meetings", "Many denominations come together for a week of prayer", "The different churches together in social-ethical forum", "Evangelicals and Catholics unite", "Fougner (bishop in the Lutheran Church) takes priests to the Vatican", "Religious World Parliament", "New World Order through global ethics" and so on. There is a huge movement at work gathering the world, not just politically, but religiously as well. The tactic seems to be obvious. Just as in politics, they have for a long time been working to form a centralisation. Bishops and priests have made their own system, a hierarchical system, where new guidelines are set up, by majority vote. Through the big councils of churches - like the World Alliance, the World Council of Churches, The Lutheran World Alliance and others, both faith and guidelines are chiselled out, which the rest of Christianity is supposed to adapt.


The religious power elite has long ago decided on the so-called "democratic" model, where majority decisions shall prevail as guidelines. Church leaders have become slaves to majority decisions - decisions that are often contrary to the teachings of the Bible. Besides, this model eliminates one's personal responsibility.

The religious elite is trying to unite the different churches and denominations using keywords like ecumenism, solidarity, charismatic, joint services and prayer meetings, an ecumenical/Catholic communion, common songbooks and so on. The church leaders have for a long time tried to establish common articles of faith, which are often not based on a "thus saith the Lord". They set aside beliefs they do not agree on, even if these are clear Biblical truth.

The Catholic Church has all the time wanted to gather the world under her "wings". The methods have been varied, but after the Second Vatican Council (1962-65) the Catholic Church has worked more openly for an ecumenical movement. The Protestants are no longer called "heretics", but "our separated brethren".

Both in the Pope's so-called pastoral letter (encyclica) that appeared in 1995, and in the new Catechism of the Catholic Church, Pope John Paul II is an ardent supporter of Christian Unity - of course on the premises of the Catholic Church.


Different methods are used in order to achieve unity. "Wolves in sheep's-clothing" and "closet-Catholics" are terms that give an indication of how several priests of the Danish State-Church for a long time have worked systematically through an exclusively closed brotherhood-lodge, in order to introduce the Catholic way of thinking, philosophy and theology in the Danish State-Church (Folkekirken).1

In the Norwegian newspaper "Aftenposten" March 16, 1994, a Norwegian organisation is referred to under the headline: "Media-shy order for priests and laymen." They desire to renew the church from within. The motto is the Latin "Ordo Crucis" (the Order of the Cross). They also work to introduce confessions and to practice the Lord's Supper with a more Catholic content. This is ecumenism at a high level.


We also see how the great world preachers, like Benny Hinn, Billy Graham, Pat Robertsen, Robert Schuller, Paul Crouch and many others try to unite the different churches and build bridges, especially towards the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope. The well known preacher, Robert Schuller says: "It is now time for us Protestants to go to the Holy Father in Rome and ask: How can we come home?" 2

Paul Crouch: "Protestantism has come to an end. I am eliminating the word Protestant even out of my vocabulary. I am not protesting anything anymore. It is time for Catholics and non-Catholics to come together as one in the Spirit and one in the Lord."2

The charismatic movement is also doing its best to unite different churches under false spiritual manifestations like screaming, miracles, faintings on command by touching people, hypnotic repetitions and suggestive words, ecstatic and uncontrolled laughter and so on. (You can read more about this in the brochure called "Watch out for the Charismatic Movement!")

Let us also briefly mention the special movement for men called the "Promise Keepers". The now world-wide movement helps to build bridges, create trust and establish relations between ministers from different nationalities, cultures and churches. This movement attempts to unite men in different churches through bonds of promises, which shall lead all churches to accept the Roman Catholic Church as the leading "Christian" church. "Promise Keepers", one of the mightiest movements at the end of this century, is preparing the churches for a global, religious unity - a new world order.

Here is another clear example of how different churches unite: "With standing ovations, followed by hymn singing, the synod carried unanimously (Nov. 15, 1994) that the Norwegian Church is going to sign the so-called Porvoo Declaration. This agreement implies an exstensive co-operation between the Lutheran state-churches in the Nordic and Baltic countries as well as the Anglican churches in Great Britain and Ireland. The declaration includes a complete theological and practical acknowledgement of each other's churches and offices. For all practical purposes it means that priests can conduct worship services in each other's churches."3


We should also be aware of the fact that the Catholic Church for centuries has directed her efforts towards the field of education. They have their own schools and universities throughout the world, but for a long time they have placed their men and women into Protestant schools and universities. They work hard in order to place their men and women in positions where they are granted power to make important decisions. In that way they are able to influence both the religious as well as the political development according to their own ideas. Let us quote from their own sources confirming this point: "All Catholics must make themselves felt as active elements in the daily political life in the countries where they live. All Catholics should exert their power to cause the constitution of the states to be modelled on the principles of the true church."4

Opus Dei and the Jesuits are two groups within the Catholic Church that work systematically to infiltrate other churches, denominations, schools and so on. In the complete Jesuit oath we read about how these specially trained Catholics are encouraged to "among the Calvinists to be a Calvinist, among the Protestants generally to be a Protestant... and even to descend so low as to become a Jew among the Jews, that you might be able to gather together all information, for the benefit of your order (the Pope's) as a faithful soldier of the Pope." 5

As a Lutheran, a Pentecostal, an Adventist or a Baptist, the infiltrators of the Vatican will have great advantages to gain influence and positions in these churches. As time goes by it will give them an opportunity to influence the development in a Catholic direction. Do we see this trend in church life today?

In the complete oath of the Catholic frontline fighters, the Jesuits, they declare that they will work for the pope in the countries they travel to, and they promise to "do my utmost to extirpate the heretical Protestant or Liberal doctrines, and to destroy all their pretended powers, regal or otherwise." 6


Here we see the kind of strategy the Catholic Church has in store for Protestant countries. They will destroy the independent nations and destroy Protestantism. Today we see that Protestantism is about to be eradicated because of Catholic infiltration and liberal theology. This is the purpose of the Catholic Church. They have placed their men and women inside the different church denominations and in politics, causing the state and the state-church now to educate the children along the lines of religious pluralism. We see this practised in the churches and in the educational system. In the new religious curriculum in our schools, the children are instructed in a mixture of religions. They are going to learn about Greek mythology, foreign religions and philosophy and ethics. In the curriculum (in Norway) it is stated that the pupils shall now "acquire knowledge and get experiences by working with"...the Jesuits and Ignatius de Loyola, a spiritist and the founder of the Jesuit Order. The subject also contains knowledge about Catholic history, Catholic tradition and its religious distinction. Pure Protestantism has for a long time gradually been undermined and destroyed, in harmony with the strategy and plan of the Catholic Church. Now the children and the young people are going to be seduced.


Several Protestants today claim that Catholicism does not differ as much from Protestantism as it did earlier. It is correct to say that a change has taken place, but it is not the Papacy that has changed. Catholicism is today in truth quite similar to Protestantism because Protestantism has changed a lot since the time of the reformers.

Presently many Protestants have closed their eyes to the true character of Catholicism and the dangers its dominion is leading to. People need to wake up to resist the progress of this enemy, that threatens both civil and religious liberty.

The Roman Catholic Church now appears to the world from its most attractive and pleasant side. She dresses herself up in a "Christian" costume, but she has not changed. The principles of the Papacy are the same. The doctrines that were born in the Dark Ages still apply.

The Catholic Church is about to regain her former dominating influence - for example through the EU and the different alliances of churches. The Bible tells us that the whole world will wonder and follow the beast, which is the Papacy.7 Martin Luther said in his time: "It is plain that the marks of the Antichrist coincide with those of the pope's kingdom and his followers." 8. All the signs of the great Antichristian power that the Bible mentions fit the Papacy.


When nearly the whole world unites with the Papacy, both religiously and politically, we understand that the prophecies of the Bible are about to be fulfilled. The Bible tells that the dragon = Satan (through spiritualism), the beast = the papacy, and the false prophet = fallen Protestantism, will unite in the end of time, prior to Jesus' coming. This tells us that the global unification we see today is one of the signs of the times that predicts the soon coming of Jesus.9 The Bible warns us therefore strongly not to join ecumenical alliances with the Papacy.

The Bible also describes the great Antichristian power as the "harlot". All the signs of the "harlot" fit the Papacy.10 "The harlot" also has some harlot-daughters, and they will co-operate with "the harlot". Do we see that this is being fulfilled today, among other things through the ecumenical movement?

In Revelation chapter 18, verses 1-4, we are very strongly urged to GO OUT from Babylon (the Papacy and fallen Protestantism). We read in verse 4: "COME OUT OF HER ,MY PEOPLE, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues."

If you and I consider ourselves to be a part of the people of God, then we must not join ecume-nical alliances with the Papacy and fallen Protestantism. We are called upon to give a loud and clear warning to GO OUT of this false ecumenical movement that is trying to unite the world under false, misleading and unbiblical doctrines. Do you wish to respond to the call from the Bible? It will be for your own good, and bring freedom into your life.

The ecumenical movement urges us to join it. But we must not accept unity for the sake of unity alone, just in order to be a part of it. True Christian unity has to be built on all that Jesus represented, both in faith, life and teaching. It must be unity based on Biblical principles and not on majority decisions, that often are departures from a "thus saith the Lord". Ecumenism and Catholicism are therefore a departure from, and a hindrance to, true Christian unity.


When the three-folded message in Revelation 14, verses 6-12, and the message of going out of Babylon are preached with a loud voice, then these messages will stir the world. Then all men will have to make a choice, politicians, religious leaders, industrial workers, farmers, fishermen, bankers - ALL. Each one will have to choose if he or she will still be governed by the false system of Babylon, or break away and place themselves fully on the side of Jesus.

Let us be determined in our mind and life to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, and sincerely pray for power and strength to live the right way, both towards God and men, so that we may be clean - by the power of the blood of the Lamb - when Jesus will soon come and gather His people.14

A true disciple of Jesus will follow Him and preach the truths of the Bible, and not follow the traditions of men and their customs. He will appeal to people to be converted, which means that we acknowledge our own sins, repent, confess our sins, ask forgiveness and accept the gift of salvation.15 He will encourage people to give up sin - by the help of the Holy Spirit.16 He will preach that salvation must not be taken for granted, but that "whosoever believeth in Him, should not perish, but have everlasting life."17 He will be a servant, just like Jesus. He will practise the baptism of Jesus, a baptism of faith.18 He will gladly, because he has received The Holy Spirit, practise the ten commandments, including the Sabbath commandment,19 and not hide the fact that we all shall stand before God and everything we do will be brought to judgement.20

A true follower of Jesus will - by the help of the end-time prophecies of the Bible - understand the signs of the times, and preach that "The kingdom of heaven is at hand."21

Those who put their faith and trust in the Lord have a glorious hope for the future. In all the misery prevailing on our planet, they will understand that this is only a sign of the times, showing that Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world, will soon return! They will understand that this is something we have to go through before the second coming of Jesus. "But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint."22

It will cost something to be different - different from the customs of the world and its way of life. But if you have chosen Jesus, then you have chosen life - eternal life.17


The Bible reveals that the division between "the harlot" (the Catholic Church) and "the harlot-daughters" (those who co-operate and enter into alliances with the Catholic Church) on the one hand, and those who choose to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and serve Him on the other hand, will be more and more clear. This division and this conflict have already started. This process is now going on. We see it in the different churches and in society at large. Everyone must make his choice, choose on which side you will stand. God allows this process of purification and cleansing to take place in order to separate the "dross" from the "gold". The Bible makes it clear that there will only be a remnant that will not let themselves be ruled by the centralized and international laws, which the political and religious power-elite now is producing and implementing.23 They will rather put their faith and trust in the Lord and cling to Him, than trust in man. There are those who will be victorious in this struggle because they have surrendered completely to Jesus. They have received The Holy Spirit, and followed in His footsteps. They are the ones who have the patience of the saints, who keep the commandments of God, and have the faith of Jesus.24 May you and I be among them!

Sincerely yours, Bente and Abel Struksnæs


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