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EUThe Reform Treaty – a Silent Occupation

On December 13th, 2007, EU ministers signed into effect the new EU Constitution. This was a smart move by the EU’s leaders. They stated that the new EU Constitution was not going to be ratified as a constitution, but as a treaty. Thus, the EU’s leaders decided themselves, whether or not to accept the EU Constitution/treaty. This way, they were not obliged to secure the consensus of the people. The document was signed by the prime ministers of the member nations. Thereby the peoples were let down. The natural thing would, of course, have been to allow the peoples themselves to accept or to decline this very important and extensive document.

So far, the EU has employed five different treaties, namely 1. The European Communities’ Act, 1972. 2. The Single European Act, 1986. 3. The Maastricht Treaty, 1992. 4. The Amsterdam Treaty, 1997. 5. The Nice Treaty, 2001. EU leaders have made another smart move, now removing the former treaties, including exceptions from laws enjoyed by certain countries, and substituting them with The Reform Treaty, and one other treaty, called The Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. Put together, these two constitute the basis of the Union (Article 39). Overall, the two treaties are broader in scope, than the five treaties going before them. Moreover, the peoples were never asked, whether they wanted the new, voluminous treaty or not. Member states are not afforded exceptions in the new treaty. We can now see, how the power elite in Brussels completely run over the peoples of the Union, governing them from their high position of influence. Peoples and nations are losing their sovereignty and liberty. All power is being channelled to Brussels – where it ends up in the hands of the mighty few. Individuals in the respective member states now longer have a say, having been robbed of their freedom and right to influence decision making. They are now completely subjected to The Treaty of Rome plus some 80,000 EU laws, tying them hand and foot.

We are familiar with developments within the EU. It all started as a steel and coal union, an economic alliance between just a few countries, in 1957. Then, there was a political creation, the European Community, wielding legislative, executive, and judging powers. And now, a union, The European Union, where all powers have been shifted to Brussels.

Now we are going to focus on the effects of the new treaty – in a few words. The contents are roughly the same as in the EU Constitution earlier voted out, not having been accepted in France, and The Netherlands. The elite in Brussels have now, however, simply moved a few paragraphs of the once proposed EU Constitution forward, and a few other paragraphs back, as well as making a limited number of changes. They then just gave it a new title:

1.     The bureaucrats of Brussels want fewer persons in the Commission. Gradually, these are to become 14, instead of 27. Now commissioners rotate, meaning that no member nation can have all of its commissioners in place at one and the same time. This, in turn, means less influence and participation in decision making: Germany, for instance, has at the current time 96 votes in the Council of Ministers, compared to Denmark’s 13. In the European Parliament, the ratio between Germany and Denmark has gone up from 5:1 to 15:1, in the wake of The Lisbon Treaty. All can judge for themselves, how warped the apportionment and the influence in the bodies shaping policies and laws in the EU in fact is.
2.     The EU is to have a common Foreign Minister and President. They will be handed great power and influence. The Council of Ministers is hereafter to be headed by a Prime Minister, with the right to sack ministers (TEU 9d).
3.     The EU Reform Treaty will transfer more power from member nations to EU bodies. Their independence will be weakened. EU laws will have pre-eminence before laws of member nations (TEU 1, 5, 15, 32, 41 + TFEU 2, 188, 190 + additional paragraphs from the tract on the functioning of the EU, Article 27).
4.     The EU requires member states to pool resources into a common EU army. EU soldiers and member nations are to be loyal to the EU army (TEU 11-15-27). Member countries disarm, the EU arms itself. The EU is to control the military power in Europe as well.
5.     EUROPOL, the EU police force, will also be speaking with one voice. Matters of importance are to be co-ordinated from Brussels and Europol, and member nations’ police forces will co-operate with Europol (TEU 15 + 17, TFEU 2, 69). Moreover, Europol and the EU army shall be allowed to operate within member countries.
6.     The EU is to have an economic union and a common financial policy, the coinage being the Euro (TEU 3.4, TFEU 3c).
7.     The EU shall have its own central bank (TEU 9.1). The EU will determine fiscal and interest policies.
8.     States wishing to leave the EU must apply to do so. Then terms for withdrawing are to be negotiated. Any agreement on withdrawing will be accepted by a majority of EU members (TEU 35). Should a nation intend to leave the Union, it cannot, as some believe, just say “Bye, bye”, and then be an independent state again.
9.     The EU is to have a common fishery and agriculture policy, as well as the stewardship of maritime biological resources (TFEU 4d).
10.   The EU is to have a joint policy on trade (TFEU 3e), and enter into common, international agreements (RT 10a, 10b, TFEU 3.2). The vital point in these stipulations is Article 32 of the Treaty, whereby the EU has become a juridical person with the right to enter into international agreements with other states. The European Community is a thing of the past, but so are member nations. This will lead to Denmark and other EU states practically ceasing to exist in the international community. From henceforth, you are to negotiate with the EU.
11.   The Lisbon Treaty does not include a lot, which resembles international agreements. The EU decides on new or altered competences for itself, within the frame-work of its own organs. Proposals are put forward in the EU, where they also are looked into and decided upon. This way, they can change this EU treaty in future, too, as has been evident all along. Thus, more and more power is shifted to Brussels (TEU 33, TFEU 3-30.6).
12.   The EU will fight what it calls racism, taking the necessary steps to stop those persons who are thought to be discriminating against others because of gender, race, religion or creed (TFEU 17a). How, then, will you be able to proclaim “Leave Babylon, my people” (Revelation 18:4) – without being arrested? Where did one’s freedom of expression and publication go?
13.   The EU is to co-ordinate the economy. Is tax payers’ money going to be transferred, step-by-step, to Brussels, leaving politicians there to dispose of those funds, too (TFEU 3-30.6)?
14.   Member states are to annually pay huge sums to the EU, just to be members. When member nations accept such an arrangement, they will resemble a whore, who is paying to be carnally used (Ezekiel 16:33-34).
15.   The EU is to be governed according to the subsidiary principle. The same method is employed within the Catholic Church (the Church’s Catechism, p. 470, Norwegian edition). If parties fail to agree on something at the local level, they will, ultimately, be obliged to adhere to EU regulations (TEU 5.1-4).

Well, these were just a few points, which we thought were vital. When the EU starts putting its enormous body of laws into practise in earnest, only then will the citizens of the EU feel to the skin the real effects of this Catholic-inspired set of rules and regulations, and this set of rules and regulations will come into effect when the representatives of the last member nations have signed The Lisbon Reform Treaty (40.2). Nigh on everything is to be common, and if you go your own ways, you will soon be considered a rebel, a psychopath, an infected appendix, etc. Remember, the EU motto is, “Europe, many languages, but one voice”. They are to speak with one voice both in the political, economical, military and religious spheres. The new Lisbon Treaty (The Reform Treaty) falls into line with this motto, and all should realise that every EU citizen will be completely overwhelmed by this system of chief guardianship. “The Reform Treaty” is called “The Open Europe”. Instead, we will have a Europe, which is commandeered from above and put under surveillance. The treaty is described as one, which will create peace and freedom. Peace and freedom, however, are not ensured with the assistance of a massive set of rules and regulations, which tie us hand and foot. The result will be force, persecution and conflicts, not peace and liberty.
Catholics paved the way for that, which today is known as the European Union. Forceful Catholic politicians were the pillars at the birth of the EU, among others Jean Monnet, Robert Schuman, Konrad Adenauer, Alcide de Gaspari, Joseph Reitinger.
The Catholic Church has always endeavoured to use the state as its helper, to gather Europe under its wings. Through the European Union it has merged the power of politics with its own principles, and through the ecumenical movement it has gathered the different church organisations under its wings. We want to preserve Protestant freedom, whereas the EU offers something entirely different.
The Catholic Church more or less commands its membership to participate in political life, and it is for a specific reason: “All Catholics must make themselves felt as active elements in the daily political life in the countries where they live. All Catholics should exert their power to cause the constitution of the states to be modelled on the principles of the true church” (Pope Leo XIII, Apostolic Letter, 1890).
We shall now share with you some Catholic statements regarding the Church’s power:
“The Church of Rome is one monarchy over all the kingdoms, as the mind and of the body, or as God in the world. Therefore, the Church of Rome must not only have the spiritual power, but also the supreme temporal power” (Pope Leo XIII, Apostolic Letter, 1879). Pope Gregory reiterated this view, when he said, “The power of the Church is superior to the power of the state.” Dr. G. F. van Schulte, professor of canonical law, states: “All human power is from evil and must therefore be standing under the Pope” (T. W. Callaway: Romanism vs. Americanism, s. 120).

These statements make it abundantly clear, that the political church is striving for control over governments and the power of states. The Catholic Church bases its attitude on an idea, as formulated in the Latin phrase “de jure divino” – i.e. the Church has a holy right to govern all of the world, all powers and all people. It claims to have received this privilege from God Himself, and aims to employ all means necessary to achieve its objective – global dominance.
Dr. Brorson, a renowned Catholic authority, once wrote: “The pope has the right to pronounce sentence of deposition against any sovereign, when required by the good of the spiritual order… the power of the church exercised over sovereigns in the Middle Ages was not usurpation, was not derived from the concessions of princes or the consent of the people, but was and is held by divine right, and he who resists it, rebels against the king of king and lord of lords” (Catholic Review, June, 1851).
Even though written long ago, the Church of Rome says that it never changes. And Dr. Brorson confirms its view thus: “What the Church has done, what she has expressed or tacitly approved in the past, that is exactly what she will do, express or tacitly approve in the future, if the same circumstances occur” (Catholic Review, January, 1854).
We shall see that any kind of rebellion against this power in the end time, as well as all lack of acknowledging the power of the Church, will be punished in some way, even through the EU. The Bible confirms this, see, for instance, Revelation 13:7, 15. There is only a short time left, with our liberties intact, in which to proclaim the end time message from Revelation 14:6-12 and 18:1-4 to the world, before The Hate Crimes Bill, other stringent legislation and persecutions against God’s faithful people will come into effect all over the world (TFEU 17a).

It is also worth noticing, that the Council of Europe is calling upon all schools in Europe not to teach about creation as mentioned in Scripture. The Council proposes, that creationism is a threat to evolution and human rights. (The Norwegian Newspaper “Dagen”, October 13, 2007).
 Why are they so afraid of the account of creation? Well, because it reveals who is the Creator, it reveals whom we should worship and obey. The account of creation in the Bible, moreover, states that God finished His creation in six days, and rested on the seventh day, the Sabbath. They fear that people will discover that Sunday is the first day of the Biblical week, a non-scriptural day of rest. However, the globalists, the Vatican included, will introduce common religious rules, elevating Sunday as a day of rest by law. This way, they will introduce “the mark of the beast”, which, according to the Bible, will be a reality shortly before the Second Coming (Revelation 13:11-17; 14:9-12). Freedom of religion will, thus, be restricted. This, too, is a sign of the very end of the end of time (Revelation 13:15-17).

Lastly, we wish to make it clear to all citizens of the EU, that they are now under Catholic rule, economically, politically, religiously, and militarily! We ought, however, to be under God’s rule. The elite in Brussels have now evidenced, that they represent other values, than those of Christ. Christ came as a servant and a fellow man, whereas EU leaders increasingly are becoming rulers. Christ had nowhere to rest His head, whereas the power elite in Brussels and the Pope display such pomp and circumstance and use of means, as to make them elevated potentates. They are milking the peoples for money, to be comfortable themselves; while a great proportion of humanity is forced to live in poverty. The gap between the rich and poor is continually growing. Big and strong companies are pressing smaller firms out of the market, by unscrupulously making use of free competition. There is something wrong here. Neither are individual nations allowed to develop according to their own capabilities and strengths, now that the strait-jacket of EU regulations is enveloping them. You do not get peace and freedom this way. Instead, you secure slavery for those unwilling to live exactly as the EU Big Brother will let them. We simply cannot understand why politicians in the respective member nations fail to respect the fact, that their own lands should be free, self-governed and independent nations. Leaders are on a collision course with the peoples and the Constitutions of the nations. However, we should also keep in mind that political top jobs nowadays seldom are given to those without membership of one or more secret organisations. These organisations are striving towards the same goal, namely influence, power, European and international unity and world domination. The peoples are unaware. Why? Partly because of the smokescreens put out by the major media channels to hide from the public what is actually going on.

We can now see, that the predictions of Scripture regarding the final moments of time are being realised. The nations of the world are gathering themselves together. It is written, that they are of one mind, and that they are giving their might and influence to the papal power (the beast). It is written, that they will be united in bringing about global governance, a New World Order. But it is also written, that it is these (the collective powers of destruction) that are struggling against the Lamb (a symbol of Christ). It is Christ and those placing themselves on His side, who will be victorious in the final battle. Read Revelation 17:12-14; 15:2.

Dear friend! We only wish what is best for the elite in Brussels. We would like them to see and obey the truth, humble themselves, acknowledge their sin and to accept salvation in Jesus Christ. That is the way all of us must go. There will, though, only be a small remnant of loyal Christians. They will – in the power of God and through His grace – remain faithful to Him. They will obey the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus, according to Revelation 14:12. Let us follow Christ; He gave everything to ensure us all eternal life – John 3:16.

In the blessed hope, Abel and Bente Struksnæs

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